Reintroducing: Urban Concepts

Around 12 years ago, we began a three-year commitment to share an informational newsletter called Urban Concepts (“UC”). It was born out of a request to advise and inform homeowners and residents about home maintenance and repairs and to provide them with tips on condominium living. At the time, we were caught in the midst of a global recession where many of us felt the effects of the uncontrollable economic decline. We are now going through a very different and even more devastating global event that has brought on many daily life changes, both temporary and permanent. Through it all, we must make smart choices as we navigate our lives through this global pandemic.

Now that many of us are at home or being much less mobile, we thought it might be a good time to reintroduce UC to provide you with some information on maintaining your residence and other little residential tips to help see us through a more sheltered life. In this edition, we will talk about the key appliances that always need to be looked after. We will also share some insight on mobile banking and banking from home, and provide helpful reminders on tackling some chores or “honey-do’s” that seem to get forgotten because of our busy lives. And finally, we’ll showcase two lesser known but well-liked produce – okra and mustard frills.

This is an experience none of us may ever face again in our lifetime and although our lives will forever be altered, what should remain constant is taking care of the most important aspects of our lives – Our ohana (including our pets), our health, our shelter and most importantly our respect and care for each other. This time will pass and we’ll all get through it and be better from the experience. Be well and stay safe.

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