Places to Experience

Places to Experience

Pieropan Viticoltori Winery

Every now and then through my travels throughout Europe I come across a hidden gem that will inspire me to memorialize my experience. One of those experiences was found in the village of Soave, Italy located approximately 30 minutes north of Verona. There I came across the Pieropan Viticoltori Winery. This family owned winery which originated in 1880 produces some of the top Soave varietals in the world. On my last visit to this walled village I was given the opportunity to meet with Teresita Pieropan, the wife of the winery owner, and Andrea her son and the winery’s manager. Our Italian guide, Piero Zanella rang the door bell to the gated villa, greeting Terisita in their Italian local dialect, “Ciao Signora”. Being the gracious host Teresita let us splendor the flavors of their special Soave wines, which I highly recommend.

The first tasting was “ Pieropan - Soave Classico”- from the grapes grown on the village hillside (90% Garganega and 10% Trebbiano di Soave). It displays a brilliant straw yellow with greenish hues color and has a very delicate nose reminiscent of almond blossoms, cherry blossoms and lilies of the valley. It is very well balanced, of excellent structure, good acidity, and of soft texture.

The second tasting was “Pieropan - Calvarino Soave Classico”- This is the traditional varietal of grapes blended at 70% Garganega and 30% Trebbiano di Soave is grown in volcanic soil, rich in basalt and tufa. This helps bring out Soave’s highest quality level. It is lively, crisp, fruity, complex on the palate and well balanced with very clean flavors.

The third tasting was “Pieropan- La Rocca Soave Classico”- from which its namesake is taken from the adjacent medieval castle and fortress, noted above. Its blend is 100% Garganega grapes, from the late harvest. It’s a wine with character reminiscent of exotic fruit and nuts, soft but persistent to the palate, with hints of spice and citrus fruits.

Any of the three wines are ideal with fish, crab, white meat pork, chicken or even rabbit. They are also a perfect pairing for vegetable dishes, pastas, cheeses, and soufflés. However, please note as a general rule, when tasting wines do not pair with asparagus as the acidity of this vegetable will completely taint your taste buds.

Every couple sometime in their lives must experience the splendors of this wonderfully historic and romantic region. Its majestic beauty is tranquil and relaxing and should be a place to visit on everyone’s bucket list.

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